Message from the President of the John Street Club

Thursday, February 23, 2023 12:04 PM | Steve Robinson (Administrator)

My Fellow Members,

As we kickoff the 2023 Speaker Luncheon series, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, apprise you of what we have accomplished since the new term began and share what you can do to help.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Steve Robinson, the current President of the Board of Governors. I joined the Club in September 2015 and have served on the Board since 2018, most recently as Vice President.

We are fortunate to have an extremely talented and committed group of club Officers, Governors and Advisors. They can be viewed here: Board of Governors. I ask that you provide them your encouragement and full support.

There’s no question that our Club has been through a very difficult period; for reasons we all know. Now is the time to turn the page. Since our term began at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 12th, there's been an extraordinary amount of progress made on many of the current and legacy matters brought before the current and previous Board of Governors.

I’m delighted to report that we are off to a running start. Our recent February event hosting Santi Hernandez, CEO of Arch Re Fac had over 50 attendees!

In addition, thanks to the herculean efforts of our Board of Governors, we have:

  • Refreshed the Club's iconic branding.
  • Relaunched our website and made it more user friendly.
  • Finished the migration to a new event and club admin platform (which Guests can now pay on their own!).
  • Launched a LinkedIn page which attracted over +430 followers in the first 30 days.
  • Developed an easy-to-use online membership application for Membership Candidates.
  • Created information and marketing materials for future potential Guest Speakers.
  • Secured world-class speakers for the 1H of 2023.

While this is a strong start, there is still work to be done including: developing inclusionary principles into our by-laws, improving our annual Scholarship Golf Event and reconnecting with Members with incorrect contact info in our system.

I’ve asked a lot of this Board to upgrade this Club for future sustainable success and they have delivered. Here's how you can help:

Renew your Membership!

  • As of today, we have ~67% of Members who have renewed (with more coming in today!) in advance of the March 1st deadline.
  • Important Notice: The Board decided to reinstate all memberships that lapsed during the Pandemic (2020 to present). If you lapsed during this period, log into the website (with the same email you registered with) and request a password. You will be eligible to renew for the 23-24 term.
    • Let me be absolutely clear, we want you back!

Attend our upcoming events!

Bring guests and get the word out!

  • If you are attending an event, bring Guests (Members can pay for Guests or they have ability to pay on their own using the Guest Pin).
  • Follow our LinkedIn page and share our event posts with your network.
  • You can also invite people to follow this group (our goal is 1K followers by YE 2023).
  • If you know any senior leaders who would want to be a Guest Speaker let our Speaker Chair know! We are still building our 2H 2023.

The key measure of our Club’s resurgence, in my mind, will be hosting an event which exceeds 128 attendees; which was the attendance at our last meeting prior to the pandemic. As many of you remember that event was March 6, 2020, and our Guest Speaker was John Q. Doyle, the current CEO of the Marsh & McLennan Companies. The Board set a goal at the start of the term to exceed that pre-pandemic attendee count this year, but lately were feeling optimistic we can do it sooner rather than later with our impressive spring speaker lineup!

The Board of Governors, particularly the Officers, have been working tirelessly to make the club a better experience and to make it a more inclusive and welcoming place. We envision a Club that’s inspired by its history and excited for the future. The Board has truly poured their hearts and souls into the project of renewal and reinvention. Whether these efforts will be enough, to turn the page to the next exciting chapter in John Street Club history, is ultimately up to you.

Thank you for your prior and future support.

Best regards,

Steve Robinson, President - Board of Governors. John Street Insurance Association

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