New Member Process

Those interested in joining the John Street Club should speak with a current Member who may be interested in being a sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for guiding the prospective member through the process and fulfilling these prerequisites:

The sponsor is to inform the Club’s Membership Committee of a candidate’s interest in membership prior to the candidate’s attendance at the Club’s next regular Luncheon Meeting. At that Luncheon, the sponsor shall introduce the candidate to the Governors in attendance.

After those introductions, the Board of Governors shall determine whether to proceed with the guest’s candidacy and will so notify the sponsor.

If that is affirmative, the sponsor will then complete an Application for the candidate and write a letter of recommendation. The sponsor also will obtain two additional letters of recommendation from Resident Members of the Club, neither of whom is from the same firm as the sponsor or the candidate. The application and letters of recommendation shall be sent by the sponsor to the Membership Chair.

After that documentation is approved by the Membership Chair, then:

  • The candidate shall be introduced to at least seven Governors of the Club – this can be individually or in groups, at Club Luncheons, or at any mutually convenient time and place; and
  • The candidate shall attend a minimum of three Luncheons within a twelve-month period.

After the above steps, the Governors will vote upon the candidacy pursuant to the Club’s by-laws.

Please contact the Membership Chair with any questions:

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