Why aren't I receiving club emails?

Monday, December 19, 2022 1:06 PM | Steve Robinson (Administrator)

There are a few frequent reasons why you are not receiving club email correspondence:

  • You have opted out from receiving email blasts. To check if this is the case you can log into your profile with your user name / password and in the upper left corner select Email Preferences and ensure both boxes have a check-mark.
  • You do not have / or have an incorrect email address entered on your contact record. To check if this is the case log into your profile with your user name / password and scroll down your Member Profile until you see "Email" and ensure that the address appearing is the correct address. If not select "Edit Profile" at the top left hand corner of the page and scroll down until "Email" and enter the correct email address and select save.
  • You have a Spam Filter which is screening and / or quarantining emails sent from Wild Apricot. To check if this is the case open your company's and/ or personal emails Spam filter and check to see if emails from the John Street Club. If that's the case, use the functionality of your Spam filter to "Release and Approve" and that should resolve the issue. You may also be able to manually approve the email address which club email's are sent which is: admin@johnstreetclub.com
    • With respect to Gmail we have had instances of our emails being automatically filtered to the "Promotions" tab in the Gmail portal. Check to see if that is the case, if so, you can re-classify future emails to be directed to your Inbox by replying to admin@johnstreetclub.com.

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