Luncheon: The Hard Market (Intern Day!)

  • Thursday, June 08, 2023
  • 11:45 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street New York, NY 10019
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We are honored The Hard Market will present virtually and anonymously to the John Street Club and Guests at a luncheon that will be held in-person on June 8, 2023.

This meeting is Intern Day. We encourage members to invite their summer interns as their Guests for a topic they should find particularly engaging, at an luncheon that is historically more relaxed than others.

As members know, this is usually where we put we put the bio of the speaker…but this is not a normal luncheon. To start, the author of The Hard Market has no idea what it is. What began as a harebrained Instagram page (created in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic) focusing on insurance humor has fast evolved into a cultural phenomenon and community page of sorts for the industry: one that pulls the veil back on pay gaps, social injustice and inequity while fiercely promoting education in the subject matter of insurance itself. In 2022, a seemingly innocuous post encouraged its nearly 30,000 followers, many of whom are Millennials and Gen Z, to share their raises and bonuses. It spread like wildfire: the exercise blew open a door of transparency that many would prefer to have remained shut. The page received 7,000 responses over a matter of days; many of which revealed shocking disparities in compensation. In 2023, the page did it again, this time via a detailed questionnaire to which 5,000 people responded, providing over 10 data points that would comprise the largest single set of pay data in the industry. Where does The Hard Market go from here? Your guess is as good as its author.

Tickets are $70.00 for Members (in good standing) and $90.00 for Guests and Membership Candidates.

All Guests must provide a Guest Pin to complete registration. Contact your escorting Member for more information.

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